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Logo creation is essential for any professional company. It’s a symbolic representation of your product or service. Making sure your product or service is branded correctly and consistently at various sizes is key to capturing your audiences attention. We can help you create that logo.

Logo Creation Process

1. We talk on the phone about your ideas, vision and goals for the logo
2. Brainstorm
3. Research
4. We create a style board in photoshop and email you the style board image. (Lists of Typefaces to choose as a base)
5. Submit style board to client for review for general direction
6. Once the general direction is establish rendering begins
7. Client is sent rough draft
8. Adjustments are made revisions
9. Critique of design, adding color, adding taglines, websites, phone numbers (if applicable)
9. Client approves logo design
10. Logo is then recreated as a Abobe Illustrator .ai vector file (Vector files are used for enlarging & reduction without pixelation)
11. Client is emailed official logo design package .zip file including all necessary file formats (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .tiff, .png, .jpg etc.)

Check out our pricing guide for logo creation in our Graphic Design Pricelist Autopay allows clients to make automated payments each month. Authorization is required by law for client to authorize JCADYDESIGN to submit payment. Payments continue until contract is fulfilled or service is past contract and client would like to cancel service. We accept all credit or debit VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover over the phone or online. Each graphic package or web hosting client is offered autopay for convenience. This optimizes billing and reduces paper & time waste. Clients can still pay by cash or check but must make sure payments are submitted on time to avoid late fee penalties.

Website Development Pricelist

Website User Interface Design 1-20 Unique Pages
WordPress Setup
WordPress Theme Development
Responsive Website Design (Desktop, Mobile, Tablets)
CSS Coding
Javascript Coding
PHP Coding
Database Creation
Email Server Setup
1 Year Hosting & Maintenance
Websites starting at $225/mo for 1 year agreement.

Hosting & Maintenance Pricelist

website hosting – vps (virtual private server)
Cores 2 Cores
SSD Storage 60 GB SSD
Ram 4 GB
Domain Names
Website Visual Updates & Web Services
Visual Updates
Security Updates
Virus / Malware Prevention, Detection, Removal
Server Updates
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Website Backups
Google Analytics

Graphic Design Pricelist

Hourly Rate $85
Rushed Fee Projects Cost + 20% of Cost
Business Card – Single Side – Standard 3.5in x 2in or Custom – 5 day turnaround time $40
Business Card – Double Sided – Standard 3.5in x 2in or Custom – 5 day turnaround time $80
Flyer – 4×6 or 5×7 – Single Side – Design $60
Flyer – 4×6 or 5×7 – Double Sided – Design $120
Facebook & Instagram Square Graphic – 1080px x 1080px – Design $60
Poster – 11 x 17in – Design $100
A4 Letterhead & Envelope Design $85
Tri-fold Brochure – Design – 7 day turnaround time $300-$1500
CD & Album Cover Design Starting at $150
Email Design $125
Logo & Branding Design – 3 versions – 6 Revisions – 7 Day Turnaround $500-$2000
A domain name is a unique name that identifies a network address. An example of a domain name is www.Google.com. Domain names that are short and easy to remember are best for customer recognition. Basic domain names are priced by domain registrars. They typically start at around $15/year. Premium domain names are domains that are rare and cost clients more depending on the popularity. Clients seeking to purchase a premium domain can expect to spend thousands depending on the name. We help clients purchase and setup of your domain names and hosting server environments.