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We love giving back to those who have worked with us in the past. Want to make money with JCADYDESIGN for referrals? We offer 15% payouts based on the total project cost on any new project costing over $1000. All of our new websites are eligible for payouts. For example our cheapest payout for a new website would break down like this: $230 x 12months = $2760, 15% of $2760 is $414 so you would receive a $414 referral payout. It’s simple get rewarded for referring JCADYDESIGN. Each new account referral lead is eligible for a payout.

How to become a JCADYDESIGN referral advocate :
1. Signup for our referral reward program
2. Once you signup you will receive a unique referral reward advocate ID via email.
3. You refer JCADYDESIGN to your friends and family.
4. When your friends or family sign a project agreement they simply mention your name or Reward Advocate ID
5. Once their first payment is made you will receive your payout via (Paypal or CASH).

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    Logo creation is essential for any professional company. It’s a symbolic representation of your product or service. Making sure your product or service is branded correctly and consistently at various sizes is key to capturing your audiences attention. We can help you create that logo.

    Logo Creation Process

    1. We talk on the phone about your ideas, vision and goals for the logo
    2. Brainstorm
    3. Research
    4. We create a style board in photoshop and email you the style board image. (Lists of Typefaces to choose as a base)
    5. Submit style board to client for review for general direction
    6. Once the general direction is establish rendering begins
    7. Client is sent rough draft
    8. Adjustments are made revisions
    9. Critique of design, adding color, adding taglines, websites, phone numbers (if applicable)
    9. Client approves logo design
    10. Logo is then recreated as a Abobe Illustrator .ai vector file (Vector files are used for enlarging & reduction without pixelation)
    11. Client is emailed official logo design package .zip file including all necessary file formats (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .tiff, .png, .jpg etc.)

    Check out our pricing guide for logo creation in our Graphic Design Pricelist Every website we create is eligible for a 12 month repayment period. Clients can pay upfront or can choose to break up payments over a period of time to lower monthly costs. Payment plans are offered to clients for any projects costing over $1000.

    Contact us to request a quote

    Accepted Payment Methods:
    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Paypal, Cash